1. You’ve created your content upgrade, but now you’re stuck as to how you’re going to be able to deliver it to your email leads?

2. You want to set up automations, segment your email leads and email funnels, but feel lost as to where to do this in MailChimp?

3. Do you feel as though you’re barely scratching the service with MailChimp and want to unlock it’s full potential to grow your email marketing?

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In this module, we'll be getting familiar with the MailChimp dashboard. We'll set up your MailChimp account and go over some important rules not to be overlooked.

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In this module, we'll go over how to begin creating your lists, what kind of lists you should be creating and how to keep your lists organized.

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In this module, we'll be going over how to create your sign u forms, what kind of sign up forms you can create, how to add groups to your forms.

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In this section we'll diver deeper into what elements to include in your sign up forms, how to include downloadables in your forms and integrate them with your website.



In this module we'll take a look at subscriber management, how to import and export your list, create segments and filter different kinds of subscribers. We'll also dive into list clean up and how to avoid duplications.



In this module we'll begin setting up your automation sequences. It's here where you'll learn how to set up fully automated email sequences.



This is where we'll dive into your newsletter creation. You'll learn how to select your subscribers, customize your email templates, the different elements to include, how to schedule your campaigns, how to share your email campaigns, how to AB test your campaigns, run re-engagements campaigns and how to make sure your emails won't trigger spam filters.

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In this section you'll learn how to connect Google analytics to your MailChimp account, understand your campaign reports and how to understand what's working and what isn't.



In this module we'll dive into more specific functions for you to implement that will help with your blogs email marketing. It's here where you'll learn how to include surveys in your emails, create an rss feed, add countdown timers, how to create landing pages with MailChimp

In this bonus module we’ll be focusing on how to create a fully automated welcome email sequence. Your welcome email sequence will act as your first impression to your new subscribers to your content, value and your brand.

In this bonus module we’ll dive into how to create high converting lead magnets, that will help convert your online visitors into email subscribers. We’ll cover how to discover what your audiences struggles are, how to create your lead magnet, deliver it and monitor it.

In this bonus module we’ll be breaking down your sales funnel creation and simplifying the process in No Bs Advice style. We’ll go into how you can create sales funnel templates that you can tweak and monitor for your blog, audience and product. 

Hi there, my name is Michela and I’ve been solely running all of my creative ventures over the past 5 years. I’ve always been the kind of person to LEARN a skill than to hire someone else to do it for me.

The importance of having an email list isn’t going to be going out of fashion any time soon.It’s your instant connection line between you and your audience.

Starting a business at the beginning may be hard. Especially when you don’t have the resources to begin investing crucial areas of your business. With MailChimp’s recent updates your email marketing doesn’t have to be one of those areas.

With MailChimp Barista you’ll be able to take control of your email marketing to help you grow your blog and build an immediate relationship with your audience from day one.



1. For anyone whose  just started using MailChimp to grow their email list.

2 For anyone who has been using MailChimp for some time but feels as though they’re not using it to it’s full potential.

2. For anyone who wants to gain the skills of being able to deliver their email marketing content seamlessly with MailChimp.

3. For anyone who wants the complicated stuff to be made simple and easy to understand in a tangible and step by step way.

4. For anyone who wants to ensure that they’re MailChimp platforms are set up right so that they’re email marketing systems can continue to attract further business in their blog.

1. For anyone who already considers themselves to be of an advanced MailChimp user.

2. For anyone who doesn’t use MailChimp as their email service provider.

3. For anyone who’s looking for a ‘how to grow your email list’ kind of course. This course focuses on how to use MailChimp to manage all of your email marketing.



The MailChimp Barista course is perfect for beginners and intermediate MailChimp users who want to ensure that they’re using MailChimp’s full potential to grow their blog through their email marketing.

All you need is a registered free MailChimp account. If you haven’t registered for a MailChimp account yet, we’ll be going over how to set up your account from Scratch in the course.

Once you go through with your payment you will receive INSTANT access to all the course. You will also be entitled to all future updates and new content for free. You’ll have access to a Private Facebook group for unlimited support from myself and other members.

You bet we do. If you feel like this course didn’t provide you with the value you were looking for. You have 30 days to contact us to issue you with a full refund.

If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to contact me here and I will get back to you asap.

By using this course we cannot guarantee your results since every business is unique in itself. Although the information outlined in this course has worked for me in my own business. We cannot guarantee that it will also work in yours.